´The young unfolding fond of a Silver Fern, native to New Zealand, is what inspired the Maori design of the “Koru”.   Koru is the Maori word for “bright” or “loop”.  The spiral shape of the design refers to constant movement.  The inner coil suggest returning to the point of origin.  When the fond has grown out, the silver fern has a silver-white coloration on the underside that can be used to help guide your path when walking in the moonlight.

Triple Koru.  The closed circle represents the circle of life and creation.  The Koru itself is often related to peace, spirituality and new beginnings.  The three spirals represent mother, father and child or the family unit.  It also speaks to the idea of past, present and future and the linking of our generations.

Green is a color for good health, peace and harmony.  It is the regulator, the harmonizer and balancer.  It evokes feelings of brotherhood and unity.  It generates a calm environment of serenity, abundance and openness. Green is fresh and youthful, denoting vitality, new beginnings and new ways of doing things. Green is also the dominant color of the heart chakra, the lower (physical) en higher (spiritual) chakra’s. It is in the heart that we hold unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. (www.thelightsomelife.com)´. Einde citaat.